14 February

Joey Peters Scores Lexus

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Check out the new Lexus ad “Crowds Of None”, scored by our own Joey Peters. Thanks to our partners Frisbie for making it happen!

LEXUS Crowds Of None from Frisbie NYC on Vimeo.

7 February

Laurel Canon Music in Shameless

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The Jigsaw Seen’s “Where The Action Isn’t”, Paw City’s “Lonely Machine” and “Canyons”, and Summer Abroad’s “Take Control” are all featured in Jaunary and February episodes of Showtime’s critic’s smash “Shameless.”
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14 January

New Hammock video!

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Fantastic new Hammock video for “Mute Angels”!

13 December

Justine Dorsey’s music is in Big Tips Texas

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Justine Dorsey’s “Unsaid” is featured in MTV’s Big Tips Texas.
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