When I first heard Jo’s music, his lyrics jumped out at me. I love his words, love his music. It’s great to see some of his best written work assembled. His words rattle and rumble and prise open the cage.
—Peter Gabriel, musician

To riff off a riff; to update Ginsberg’s holy HOWL; to stand this naked; to wrestle an attention deficit world into a moment’s shivering standstill, just for a spiked breath of reflection: Wow. Joseph Arthur writes, builds, paints, draws, and creates because he has no choice. It is our luck that he does so.
—Michael Stipe of REM

Laurel Canon is thrilled to announce the signing of one of America’s great songwriters – Joseph Arthur. His new album “Days of Surrender” is one of his all-time best – and full of sync-friendly songs like “Take You There”, “Mystic Sister” and “Come Inside”.

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