Karoshi Mode pub photo

KAROSHI MODE started off not with music, but as a story idea about a character, an alter-ego of sorts, called the White Widow, a sci-fi heroine who fights an epic space battle with evil cybernetic creatures called the Gray Machines in order to avenge her murdered husband.

LA musician Kim Haden – who has played with Light FM, Foreign and Domestic, and the Californian – is the visionary songwriter behind KAROSHI MODE. Sonically Kim drew inspiration from early Depeche Mode, her all time favorite band (the name Karoshi Mode is an homage) as well as Enya, Wendy Carlos, and Broadcast. One way of seeing KAROSHI MODE’S debut album might be as a loving tribute to the 80’s-era analog synthesizer. All of the keyboard sounds on the collection were sculpted on these classic synths and performed live in the studio. No midi, thank you!

As for the theatrical component of KAROSHI MODE, Kim says “I love the sci-fi/fantasy genres, but was always disappointed there weren’t too many female heroines saving the universe. So I just started making up my own story. I also love video games, especially the old school ones, and got really into classic arcade game culture when I was younger. I learned early on about the ‘killscreen’, where you reach a level in a game and can’t progress any further. That’s where the title of the album comes from. It seemed like a fitting way to describe the White Widow’s bloodlust; she can’t stop killing until she herself is killed.”

Check out KAROSHI MODE – a rich, high-concept tapestry of analog synths, gorgeous melodies, emotional lyrics and expert songcraft. Great for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or smart drama… try Time Marches On, Stonefielders Green, Stand Down, or Free.