The tone of my records falls somewhere between Lucille Ball and Rosie the Riveter with maybe a little Joni Mitchell and Fran Lebowitz on the side. That’s as close as I can come to a category for my musical style. Splitting time between Ireland and California, I make records and videos daily. It is like breathing to me. Born In Portland, Oregon (to a DJ father) I pretty much grew up with a tape recorder in my hand and a constant song in my head. My friends and musical collaborators include the excellent: JESSE VALENZUELA (Gin Blossoms), MARSHALL CRENSHAW, DON DIXON, MARTI JONES, KIMM ROGERS, CLIFF HILLIS, RACHEL HADEN, BILL DEMAIN, AMY RIGBY and VAN DYKE PARKS. I released 5 records as the rock/pop project astroPuppees and now I make records under my own name “Telescope” being the latest and the greatest so far. With a new EP i the works, I am currently releasing digital singles: “Waiting For The Ocean” (Oct. 2020) and “The Church Of Laundry” (Jan. 2021) OUT NOW. I am constantly writing and recording. Don’t. Look. Back.