KLC Music

In a world filled with music from every genre, it is rare to find Artists so equipped to take you on a journey from Exposed and Vulnerable to Full-Blown and Cutting Edge with such ease.
KLC’s lyrics are empowering and will make you think, this unique voice is not something you will easily forget.

KLC Music is a collaboration between Kelsey Gallagher and Joe Mallander. Friends since they were 10 years old, they have a deep rooted connection with one another. They simultaneously attended universities of art on opposite sides of the world, unaware that they would eventually become a collaboration like no other. From visual design to branding, from photography to songwriting and everything in-between, together they cover all the creative bases.

Artistically gifted, Kelsey grew up in the Boston area, graduated from Berklee College of Music, sharpened her skills in Nashville for a few years and now, inspired by the raw energy of London (Uk) where she lives and with Joe by her side, the creative journey continues.