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After many years of touring as a solo artist and as a member of touring bands (BROKEN BELLS, CONOR OBERST, JENNY LEWIS, M. WARD), NIK FREITAS found himself settling down in Alhambra, Ca, a small suburb of Los Angeles, and starting a family.

While his wife was at home on maternity leave with their new baby daughter, Nik built a recording studio out in the back garage and began writing and recording his 7th album – ‘New to Here’.

With time to work on music being limited now that he was a new parent, Nik was forced to knock out as much writing and recording as he could, when he could – which usually meant late nights (and early mornings). The process really helped the songs stay inspired, and the writing grew more and more personal – about embracing the moment and trying to be a responsible “adult”.

The aptly titled ‘Goodbye, Sweet Leaf’ is a song Nik wrote after he quit smoking. ‘When it Happened’ was written the night Nik found out Robin Williams died, and ‘Mr. Mahm’, well, that one is pretty obvious.

Superb songs, masterfully recorded, from a first rate artist.

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