LITTLE STEVEN VAN ZANDT is a big fan of Philadelphia punk rock goddess PALMYRA DELRAN.

How do we know? He keeps choosing her songs as “THE COOLEST SONG IN THE WORLD” on his Sirius XM “Underground Garage” radio show. “Shy Boy” and “Some Day Soon” from her latest album You Are What You Absorb have both been given the honor – and “You’re My Brian Jones” from the same record was named the #1 song of the year for 2013. (“You Are What You Absorb” took the prize for 3rd best album.)

What’s all the fuss about? Quite simply, Palmyra has the goods: she’s an ace writer with smart/poignant songs, great hooks, an authentic rock voice, first rate collaborators (i.e. members of the Muffs and the Fleshtones) and a scholar’s knowledge of the history of rock. And her stuff is great for film and TV.